Friday, 6 July 2012

Project Progression and Update

It's been a while since I last posted an update on the project.  In the coming weeks ENGAGE hopes to round up the initial stage of the project with the completion of the digital booklet that is currently ongoing.  There has been an organic flow to the progression of the project since its outset with the ideas and image focus changing throughout.  The end result of the initial stage has never been a definitive idea, more of a... 'let's see what happens'.  The response to the initial questionnaire was impressive with over 50 responses being received.  This gave a good insight to the impressions and thoughts (good and bad) surrounding the Trail and Liverpool Loop Section.  A really useful exercise, the responses allowed the ideas and project to change, build and develop.  Thank you to all who took part.

The project now aims now to produce one downloadable digital booklet.  This booklet combines imagery and text surrounding various topics in relation to the Trail.  The photography has been produced in response to the feedback gathered by the questionnaire, Trail users and local residents to the Trail.  It is also hoped that 'snippets' of the information and imagery offered can be installed out on the Trail via QR codes and available to view and read on mobile devices.  Again, it's an organic project, and ideas and progression may change, but always develop!

In addition to the activity above, It's been a busy time during May and June at the College.  St Helens College has now seen the completion of another contingent of Photography Degree Students some of which were and remain involved in ENGAGE.  Congratulations to the 10 students on the completion of their BA Honours Degree!  The Degree has now successfully gone through validation with Chester University and will be moving from John Moores University.

On a personal note, and adding to the activity... welcome to the world Cecilia May Callaghan (My Daughter).  Born on the 22nd of June 2012.

Please don't hesitate to make contact if you would like any further information on 'ENGAGE the Trail'.  We are currently interested in hearing from anyone who has any particular information or interest in the historical and/or Bio diversity aspects of the Trail and Liverpool Loop Line.

Thank you again for your continued interest in the project.  I hope to continue to post on the site in the coming days and weeks as the project progresses.