Monday, 29 June 2015


I'm sending this post out as I need support from all of you.  Some of you, I may have already spoken to about my photography project 'ENGAGE the Trail'.  Some may have seen a few of my previous posts, others may have not heard anything about it.  ENGAGE the Trail is a community focused project producing mobile photography workshops, exhibitions and events directly out on the Trans Pennine Trail.  It will also visit the local surrounding communities.  It aims to provide fun, creative, learning activities for all ages and abilities. 

I am producing ENGAGE the Trail in direct collaboration with the Trans Pennine Trail.  The Trans Pennine Trail organisation have already pledged some funding towards ENGAGE the Trail and have set ENGAGE the Trail as a high level priority for their programme schedule.  In order to make steps toward and realise the full potential of the project, I have produced a 'Kickstarter'.  Through the Kickstarter I provide information and details about the project.  There is also an opportunity for those that would like to, to pledge funding support towards the project.  In return for the support offered, the Trans Pennine Trail and I have put together a range of rewards.  The downside to Kickstarter is that it is an 'all or nothing' way of raising funds.  I have 45 days to reach the ENGAGE the Trail funding goal.  If it is not reached, the project does not receive any of the funds. 

Can I ask you all please to take 5 minutes to have a look at the ENGAGE the Trail Kickstarter... there are three ways you can support... 

  1. If any of the rewards are tempting enough for you to pledge, then great!... if not, no worries, I understand and thank you for taking the time to view the Kickstarter... but 
  1. Even if you aren’t able to pledge, could you please share the ENGAGE the Trail Kickstarter through your social networks... either by sharing this post or using the share buttons on the Kickstarter page. 
  1. Thirdly, any feedback, questions or suggestions are always welcome and I thank you for taking the time.