Monday, 30 April 2012


It hasn’t been the best of weather recently for arranging photography trips out on the Trail.  Nevertheless, the ENGAGE group of St Helens College photographers have been out and about.

We were overwhelmed by the response to the survey of Trail users and supporters.  It certainly highlighted the diversity of perceptions, views and thoughts surrounding our focus and pilot area of the Liverpool Loop Line.  Thank you to all who have offered their feedback.  It has initiated many ideas and indicated definite focus directions to approach photographically.

Our focus now is to produce a series of online and downloadable digital booklets incorporating the images captured and the words and stories offered from the survey.  Primarily, the three areas of exploration through the digital booklets will address the ‘Hidden History’, ‘Marks Made’ (Tackling vandalism and antisocial behaviour) and ‘Biodiversity’.  If you have any specific information that you feel would benefit these areas of exploration, then please get in touch. We would particularly like to hear from anyone who has any stories or memories of travelling on the train along the Liverpool Loop Line, or living in the proximity when the line was live?

Ultimately, if the ENGAGE project informs and inspires more people to use and recognise the amazing resource of the Liverpool Loop Line and Trans Pennine Trail, this is a positive outcome to this pilot stage of the project.  Please keep up to date with the progression of the ENGAGE project at  and , or if you would like to make contact email

Photographs TL- JC, TR-Radka Dolinska
BL-Tracey Johnson, BR-Ray Price.