Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Stones (or Needles) Throw from the Trans Pennine Trail

I suppose It's something that many would call a little 'sad', but I do enjoy having a good look at an OS map.  I particularly appreciate it when I come across something close to home that I had no idea about - The Holy Well of St Helen, Sefton.  A stones (or needles) throw away from the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN 62) between Jubilee Wood and the beginning of the Cheshire Lines path on the edge of Maghull.

The prominent church of St Helen, Sefton gives a good point for visual direction finding.  Take care traveling from the Trail along Bridges Lane turning right onto Lunt Road.  Pass the church and continue approximately 100 yards beyond 'The Punchbowl' public house.  The Holy Well of St Helen is located on the Left side of the road among the trees.

The ice cold waters of the well were reputed to be beneficial to the ailments of rheumatism, aches, pains and weakness of the nerves.  In more recent times, the well had become more of a wishing well by 'young folk'.  Throwing a pin into the water... if the pin could be seen at the bottom of the well, a favourable outcome was likely in the marriage of the young couple.(Ref:

Unfortunately for those 'Young' people wishing to try their hand at this local custom, the well is now capped off.  It does however remain a sacred spot for the local congregation of the area.  Although located on a fairly busy road, the well offers a tranquil point of interest to visit and, The Punchbowl pub serves food for the opportune break from your travels. (

Photographs J.Callaghan

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