Monday, 12 March 2012


ENGAGE an Audience.

Since we went officially live on Friday (9/3/12 -approx 3pm) with a request for a response from the general public and those who use the Trail, there have been 28 responses to the questionnaire and over 60 hits on the Blog site.  Many of those who have responded to the questionnaire have also submitted an email address, indicating that they would like to be kept up to date with the developments of ENGAGE.  This, in combination with the potential of some form of installation on the trail and links within the TPT and Sustrans Sites, means we have a sizeable audience for the project and photographic work.

ENGAGE Profile.

As a group we now have web address which links directly to the ENGAGE Blog/site.

ENGAGE Photography Brief.

I will be uploading a link to the photography brief on the main Blog so that members of the public have a reference to the work that is being produced.

ENGAGE Meeting.

I'm hoping that the ENGAGE group can gather this Friday 16/03/12 at 1.30pm, J316?  The meeting has a simple agenda.

·         Creativity, idea generation and individual project development in response to the questionnaire.
·         Setting out the timescale for the project.
·         Planning future field visits to the Trail.

Once again, many thanks for all your involvement in ENGAGE.  I hope the students at St Helens College see this as an opportunity to advance their individual professional development and practice.  Also thank you to all the members of the public and Trail users who have shown an interest in ENGAGE.