Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The ENGAGE group came together on Friday the 23rd of March.  The aim of the meeting was to progress the work and gather further ideas in relation to the responses that have been received.  We now have approximately 48 responses to the questionnaire.  This has given us a massive resource to begin working on, and to visually respond to.  Theme areas were discussed and a potential focus for the layout of a digital booklet.  It is proposed that a digital booklet will give us an achievable goal within the near future and the current time-scale of this stage of the ENGAGE project.  As well as the publication of the digital booklet online and using new media, it is envisioned that this will also give a platform to develop further and future stages of 'ENGAGE the Trail'. 

The idea is that we will use some of the theme areas discussed during meeting, create a series of images (digital pages), then finish any publication (digital booklet) with images/text of volunteers looking after and maintaining the trail.  This would simply highlight some of the positive areas that people have discussed and respond to those who have said negative elements.

Sketch/Design/Example proposed for the potential layout of the digital booklet.

The ENGAGE group are individually considering how they would like to visually respond to some of these theme areas with a future Trail visit arranged for the 10th of April during the Easter break.

Many thanks to those who have already responded to the questionnaire and your involvement in 'ENGAGE the Trail'.